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52 Week Ancestral Health Certification Program

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Expand your knowledge of Primal, ketogenic (Primalgenic™) and functional health concepts in an accredited way. Make an extra powerful difference in your client’s lives while obtaining CEU’s toward re-certification in an informative, fascinating and enjoyable format! (especially for Nutritional Therapy Practitioners - NTP's and those board certified by the National Association of Nutritional Professionals - NANP)

Learn cutting edge, exciting and out of the box methods and thinking toward approaching and understanding a wide range of health issues and concepts. Get better results with your clients!
Learn fascinating and advanced nutritional concepts that are not taught in conventional nutritional schools and valuable information that you are unlikely to hear about anywhere else! 
Help your students develop a better foundational framework for their understanding of diet and health from a perspective that is rooted in solid, practical science and not tainted by corporate interests and agendas.
Understand how your body works as well as learn practical information that can support your health in the best possible way.
Learn practical tips on how to better help your loved ones.

Solid foundational concepts and framework surrounding: 

·     Ancestral health for a modern world
·     Evolutionary science 
·     Nutrition facts and common fallacies 
·     Human physiology 
·     Longevity science
·     Cutting edge developments and approaches to addressing today’s most pressing health issues
​​​​​​​·     Practical steps toward restoring primal health

How to connect the dots associated with almost any health-related issue and understand it from its bedrock foundations
New, exciting and exclusive information from a variety of unique guest experts
How to recognize and counter various health and nutrition-related myths and misconceptions
What to test for, when, why and where
Revolutionary and innovative information you are unlikely to hear about anyplace else


Week 1:   Blood Sugar Basics - Part 1
Week 2:   Blood Sugar Basics - Part 2
Week 3:   Blood Sugar Basics - Part 3
Week 4:   The Magic and Pitfalls of Ketosis - Part 1
Week 5:   The Magic and Pitfalls of Ketosis - Part 2
Week 6:   The Magic and Pitfalls of Ketosis - Part 3
Week 7:   The Magic and Pitfalls of Ketosis - Part 4
​​​Week 8:   Digestion - Part 1
Week 9:   Digestion - Part 2
Week 10: Digestion - Part 3
Week 11: Detoxification - Part 1
Week 12: Detoxification - Part 2
Week 13: Detoxification - Part 3
Week 14: Detoxification - Part 4
Week 15: The Brain & Mental Health - Part 1
Week 16: The Brain & Mental Health - Part 2
Week 17: The Brain & Mental Health - Part 3
Week 18: The Brain & Mental Health - Bonus Interview
Week 19: The Brain & Mental Health - Part 4
Week 20: The Brain & Mental Health - Part 5
Week 21: The Brain & Mental Health - Part 6
Week 22: The Brain & Mental Health - Part 7
Week 23: The Brain & Mental Health - Part 8
Week 24: The Brain & Mental Health - Part 9
Week 25: Histamine Intolerance - Part 1
Week 26: Supplementation - Part 1
Week 27: Supplementation - Part 2
Week 28: Recognizing Pyroluria 
Week 29: Rethinking the Microbiome and Probiotics - Part 1
Week 30: Rethinking the Microbiome and Probiotics - Part 2
Week 31: The Silent Autoimmunity Explosion - Part 1
Week 32: The Silent Autoimmunity Explosion - Part 2
Week 33: The Silent Autoimmunity Explosion - Part 3
Week 34: The Silent Autoimmunity Explosion - Part 4
Week 35: The Silent Autoimmunity Explosion - Part 5
Week 36: Rethinking Fatigue
Week 37: Rethinking Fatigue
Week 38: Rethinking Fatigue
Week 39: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Allan Savory
Week 40: Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health – Part 1
Week 41: Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health – Part 2
Week 42: Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health – Part 3
Week 43: Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health – Part 4
Week 44: Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health – Part 5
Week 45: Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health – Part 6
Week 46: Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health – Part 7
Week 47: Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health – Part 8
Week 48: Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health – Part 9
Week 49: Healthy Kids, Healthy Families 
Week 50: Diabetes - Part 1
Week 51: Diabetes - Part 2
Week 52: Diabetes - Part 3

You can start anytime and proceed through the modules at your own pace. Once you signup, you will receive the first module and then a week later, the second module and so on. You will always have access to the previous week's modules. We also have a private Facebook forum for the group to help support each other in your journey. I do a live chat on our forum once a week for our members. You'll receive a course completion certificate after completing all 52 video modules. At the end of the course, you will be invited to join the Primal Restoration Alumni Membership. 

Get Better Results With Your Clients!

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3 Payment Plan
$183 /month
  • 52 Video Modules
  • Downloadable Worksheets and PDFs
  • Private Member Forum
  • Weekly Group Chat Session with Nora
  • Course Completion  Certificate for CEUs
  • Customer Support
  • 52 Video Modules
  • Downloadable Worksheets and PDFs
  • Private Member Forum
  • Weekly Group Chat Session with Nora
  • Course Completion Certificate for CEUs
  • Customer Support
6 Payment Plan
$100 /month
  • 52 Video Modules
  • Downloadable Worksheets and PDFs
  • Private Member Forum
  • Weekly Group Chat Session with Nora
  • Course Completion Certificate for CEUs
  • Customer Support

30-day Money Back Guarantee
"I was so impressed with Nora's latest book "Primal Fat Burner" that I immediately signed up for Primal Restoration. The weekly presentations are loaded with outstanding information and resources that Nora has gathered over her 20-years of clinical experience. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) in full time practice, I was thrilled to learn I can receive 12 CEU's per year for this exceptional continued education program. It's refreshing to learn from a successful professional who speaks my language of nutrition. I look forward to the weekly content and highly recommend Primal Restoration for my fellow NTP's or anyone interested in learning more about restoring health."

~ Diane Rohrbach, NTP  
Fare Nutrition, Seattle, WA

"I so appreciate a resource where I can get information on the latest research without having to do the legwork myself. I use it not only for myself, but for my coaching clients as well.
Thank you Nora!"

~ Judy Jasek
Littleton, Colorado​​​​​​​
Meet Your Instructor:
Nora Gedgaudas
Nora is a board-certified nutritional consultant and a board-certified clinical neurofeedback specialist with over 20 years of clinical experience.  A recognized authority on ketogenic, ancestrally based nutrition, she is a popular speaker and educator and the author of the best selling books, Primal Body, Primal Mind, Rethinking Fatigue and Primal Fat Burner: Live Longer, Slow Aging, Super-Power Your Brain, and Save Your Life With A High Fat, Low-Carb Paleo Diet .
Why Learn From Nora?
Watch this video to learn more about Nora's background, her qualifications and why this course is so important! 
Frequently Asked Questions

Will this certificate allow me to work as a health coach? 
This certification only verifies that you have completed the material. Although it is accredited through the NTA for continuing education credits (CEU’s) and there is additional accreditation on the horizon it does not supply you with any manner of legal designation or "board certification". Many current participants are themselves health coaches, nutritionists, functional medicine specialists and others involved in healthcare from around the world looking to expand their understanding of many of the subjects covered. My course has also been popular with those persons struggling with their own health issues and looking for deeper answers and greater self-empowerment. I would encourage you to contact the Nutritional Therapy Association and look into their NTP program ( It is a good foundational training that is designed to qualify you as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. The NTA is in full support of my program and offers CEU’s to graduates looking to maintain their certification requirements.

How much time is needed to dedicate to the program on a weekly basis?
Each module is variable in terms of the amount of time it requires each week. Typically there is anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes (max) worth of content to view. Most participants are eager to get their weekly installments and the feedback has been excellent. 

​​I really covered the topics in the curriculum in a fair amount of depth that tends to exceed that of most programs. It may seem like a lot of time, but it’s also a lot of valuable material you are unlikely to find anywhere else, particularly all in one place. Naturally, I cannot know what people do and don’t know coming into my program, therefore it is next to impossible to anticipate what should be covered in some more abbreviated format. Also, there are a variety of perspectives out there on these various topics and what I offer is very specific, a product of my own 20+ years clinical experience and exhaustive research, and may not be what everybody else might be saying about the subjects. I try to cut through a lot of misinformation and disinformation on these topics. But consistently I have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from members who find themselves genuinely looking forward to each week’s new installment. And the weekly live Q&A’s over Facebook have also been extremely popular and have added quite a bit of value to participants.

I have also been asked why a student can't go at their own pace instead of waiting for a new module each week. I have thought a lot about this question and my answer is that the material is so dense and deep, that each module really does take a week to completely sink in. And according to feedback from current students, one module a week is enough. 

We are working on a new learning management platform but it probably won’t be ready until summer 2018. The new platform will allow you to access the next video after you’ve finished the previous one. We are also coming out with a test for certification to make sure students really understand the material. This won’t be mandatory, only for students who would like a Primal Restoration Certification. If you do sign up now, you’ll be transferred over to the new learning platform once it is in place. The price of the course will increase at that time so if you want to save some money, I recommend enrolling now. You won't be charged extra when we go to the new learning management system. ​​​​​​

How are the lessons taught?
I utilize a video format that incorporates Keynote, which I narrate. Also, some weeks involve a more interview-based format with specific experts. Each module comes with a PDF of the slides, and many come with additional worksheets and reference materials for you to download and keep. Additionally, there is a live, exclusive forum for participants to share and ask questions and a live, weekly Q&A on the same forum where members are free to ask me direct questions regarding the material and related topics. Many have found this to be especially valuable. Even if you are unable to attend a particular Q&A session, you can always post your question in advance at the posted meeting place on the forum, and you also have the ability to go back through and review the content of prior Q&A sessions.
Will I have access to the video lessons forever?

You will have access to the videos for the duration of your subscription to the program. Once completed, you will have the option of paying a nominal monthly fee for continued access to the modules and also ongoing access to the general forum, as well as the weekly live Q&A forum, along with other ongoing benefits in development. There are a variety of PDF documents associated with various modules that are yours to download and keep, including PDF’s of the slides used in each module.

Are there start dates or is it at my own pace? What if I fall behind due to getting sick or taking a vacation?

You may start anytime once you purchased this self-paced course. You will receive a module right away and then each week for 52 weeks total. You'll want to try and keep up but if you find yourself behind on watching the videos, we give you an extra 30 days after the course ends for free. If you need longer than 13 months to complete the course, you can pay a nominal fee each month for access to the course and member forum.  

Is this strictly an online course or do we ever connect with other students or teachers?

As of right now it is a strictly online course, though I am considering other possibilities for future development. As already mentioned, there is an exclusive member forum, as well as the weekly live Q&A forum available.

I would have called with my questions but could not find a phone number. 

Given the extreme nature of my professional demands I don’t have any availability to answer questions over the phone. I do offer some extremely limited, exclusive nutritional consultations, but that is an entirely separate matter. Otherwise, my support team is happy to field your questions over email. You may contact them at

I'm interested in booking an online or phone nutritional consultation with Nora. 
I will only be taking a maximum of five online/phone-based consultations per month at this time, so space is extremely limited. If you are seriously interested in booking a phone (US only) or Skype consultation, please click here for more information.