Will I receive and invoice or receipt?
Yes. After your successful payment we will email you a receipt/invoice right away.      
When can I start?
You will receive an email from support@primalbody-primalmind.com after your successful payment with login details. 
What if I lost my login information?
Click here to reset your password or contact us at support@primalbody-primalmind.com.   
How do I update my credit card information, check my payment history, and change my username or password?
Make sure you are logged in to the member area and then click here to go to the customer center. 
Where can I download the worksheets?

If available for a particular module, worksheets, charts, notes, links or other documents can be accessed or downloaded directly from the module page underneath the video. 

How long will the course stay available in my account?

The replay videos and downloads are available as long as your subscription is active. 

I love your program and would like to refer people to it. Do you have an affiliate program?

You can learn about and sign up for the Primal Restoration™ Partner program here.

How can I access the private Facebook forum live weekly chats?

The text chat will be in the comment section of the top "pinned" post on the Primal Restoration Facebook page.

When will I receive my course completion certificate?

You will receive the certificate electronically by email after your have completed the entire course. 

I'm interested in consulting with Nora. How can I signup for an appointment?

Click here to find out more about Nora's consultation services. 

Do I need to take a test or submit anything to receive my certificate of completion?
You don’t have to submit anything to receive your certification. There are some worksheets for the modules that you can print and fill out for your own learning but we don’t require you to submit them. We do however check to see if you have watched the videos though. 
What if I fall behind on the course? Do I lose access to the course content after 52 weeks?
We give you an entire year to watch all the videos. Plus another 30 days at no extra charge. If you haven’t caught up by 13 months, you’ll be offered to join the Primal Restoration Alumni Membership which is a much smaller membership fee per month. If you don’t decide to join the Alumni membership, you will lose access to streaming the videos plus access to the membership forum. 
What is your cancellation policy?
If you are not 100% satisfied, you can cancel anytime by contacting customer support. Note: If you cancel, you will lose access to the course content and will not receive certification.
What is your refund policy?
You may request a refund within 30 days of purchasing the course. Contact customer support.
Do you have suggestions or feedback for us? Click here.